Wordle today: Enjoy a stress-free Saturday! Check hints, clues and answer for March 1

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Except for a few horror days, February was mostly pretty easy for seasoned Wordle players. Luckily, the second day of March is also easy with a Wordle answer that most players can guess easily. But be aware, that you only get a few tries to guess the word, so don’t guess randomly. If you’re worried about using up your attempts and breaking your winning streak, now’s a great time to check out our Wordle hints and clues. Staying focused is critical for doing it right without wasting chances. You must consider the word while staying within the parameters of the hint and clues for Wordle today provided below.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word game that rolls out a new puzzle every day. It was created by Josh Wardle who sold it to the New York Times. In the game, you see a grid with empty boxes, like a puzzle. Your job is to put the right letters in the boxes to make a correct word. It’s not like other word games where they give you hints. Wordle makes you guess without any help, so it’s a bit tricky. You have to guess 5 letters right in just 6 tries. When you get a letter right and in the right spot, the box turns green.

Wordle today: Hints

Today’s Wordle puzzle doesn’t repeat any letters, but it does have two vowels. To solve it, make sure to figure out the right letters and then put them in the correct order. We will give you some clues to help you find the answer. To help you, here are some clues that will help you look in the right direction.

Wordle today: Clues

1. The word of the day starts with the letter U.

2. The 5-letter word ends with the letter N.

3. There are two vowels in today’s Wordle word.

4. There is no repetition of letters.

5. Biggest hint — It is the antonym of rural.

That’s it! The last clue was very close to the answer. We think these clues should be helpful for you to figure out the puzzle. If you’re still unsure, just scroll down to see today’s Wordle answer.

Wordle today: Answer for March 2

ATTENTION! Are you sure you want to know the answer? If you are still playing Wordle and have more than 2 attempts left, then don’t read further. But, if you are in search of the answer for Wordle today, then it is right here!

The answer for Wordle today is URBAN. It refers to “of, in, constituting, or comprising a city or town,” according to the Webster’s New World College Dictionary

Well done on successfully completing Wordle! We trust that the provided hints and clues have proven sufficient to guide you in unravelling the puzzle.

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