5 things about AI you may have missed today: Project Maven, BPO staff faces swift AI replacement, and more

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The US military’s AI warfare endeavour is humming; BPO workers face swift AI replacement, warns Nasscom Chairman; Morris II AI worm poses a threat to ChatGPT and Gemini; AI enabled hearing aids offer revolutionary solutions for hearing impairment- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Project Maven: Inside the US military’s AI warfare endeavour

The US military’s secretive Project Maven aimed to leverage AI for warfare. Will Roper, formerly in charge of the classified Strategic Capabilities Office, discusses the challenges of developing AI technology for the battlefield on Bloomberg’s Big Take DC podcast. Despite claims of a human “in the loop,” concerns linger about the rapid decision-making pace surpassing human control.

2. BPO workers face swift AI replacement, warns Nasscom Chairman

Nasscom Chairman Rajesh Nambiar warns that business process outsourcing (BPO) workers face a high risk of AI replacing their roles swiftly. Speaking at a seminar, he notes the $48.9 billion business-process-management industry is evolving, with concerns over AI’s impact on jobs, especially in the $250-billion Indian tech sector. Nambiar emphasizes that professionals in software services not embracing AI in their work face replacement, particularly as generative AI affects white-collar jobs relying on cognitive skills, according to an NDTV Profit report

3. Morris II AI worm poses a threat to ChatGPT and Gemini, steals confidential data

Researchers unveil ‘Morris II’ AI worm, a threat capable of stealing confidential data, disseminating spam emails, and infecting AI systems like ChatGPT and Gemini. Named after the notorious 1988 internet worm, Morris II utilizes self-replicating prompts, evading detection as it navigates through generative AI systems. The worm exploits large language models, compromising security measures and extracting data from AI-enabled email assistants and chatbots, according to a recent report by Wired. 

4. AI enabled hearing aids offer revolutionary solutions for hearing impairment, say experts on World Hearing Day

AI-enabled hearing devices hold the potential to revolutionize solutions for those with hearing impairment, according to experts on World Hearing Day, IANS reported. With 430 million people globally affected by hearing loss, the World Health Organization estimates, AI-based advanced hearing aids aim to amplify sound and convert it into neural pulses, offering a beacon of hope to bridge the gap between silence and symphony, say Dr. Aparna Gupta and Dr. Virendra Singh. 

5. CBSE initiates policy for AI integration in education to prepare students for future careers

The CBSE plans to create a policy on Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage, aiming to equip students for future jobs and stimulate creativity. The proposal, discussed in a November Skill Education meeting, suggests forming a committee with representatives from IITs, NITs, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and global AI industry stakeholders. The committee is expected to submit recommendations by April 2024, emphasizing the need for students to develop strong AI skills.

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