WhatsApp looks to break barriers, will enable cross app messaging with Signal and Telegram

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In a continual effort to enrich user experience, Meta Platforms-owned WhatsApp is set to introduce a new feature allowing users to send messages to third-party apps such as Signal and Telegram. The eagerly anticipated update, marked as version, was revealed by WABetaInfo.

Cross-App Connectivity

This innovative move by WhatsApp aligns with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), emphasizing chat interoperability to foster seamless communication across various platforms. In response to the DMA, WhatsApp had previously announced beta testing for a chat interoperability feature in version for Android. The latest examination of the beta update on the Google Play Store indicates the active development of a dedicated chat info screen for third-party chats.

The chat info screen, shared in a screenshot by WABetaInfo, offers essential details. Recognizing the absence of profile names and photos for third-party chats, WhatsApp plans to display the default profile photo along with the name of the third-party app linked to the chat. Users will have the flexibility to control which apps can communicate with their WhatsApp account, ensuring a personalized experience.

However, certain limitations will apply to third-party chats within WhatsApp. Notably, group chats involving third-party apps and making calls through these apps will not be supported. Initially, communication with third-party chats might be limited to text messages, with potential expansions in future updates. Importantly, users will have the option to manually activate the interoperability service, making it an optional feature.

Alongside this development, WhatsApp is also working on a new privacy feature aimed at preventing users from taking screenshots of others’ profile pictures. The beta version, available on the Google Play Store, introduces a notification that appears when attempting to capture a screenshot, citing ‘Can’t take a screenshot due to app restrictions.’ While currently limited to select beta testers, this privacy feature is expected to roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

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