Best heaters on Amazon – Crompton room heater: A comprehensive review of 10 outstanding products

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Best heaters on Amazon – Crompton room heater: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best heaters available on Amazon to keep you warm and cozy during the chilly winter months. As temperatures drop, finding the right heater becomes crucial for creating a comfortable living space. So, explore the top heaters in the market on Amazon, with a focus on the versatile Crompton Room Heater. Discover the perfect heating solution for your space, combining efficiency, safety, and user-friendly features.

Why buy room heaters?

Room heaters are essential for creating a comfortable living environment during cold weather. As temperatures drop, these heaters offer a quick and effective solution to maintain warmth indoors. They are particularly crucial in providing relief in small to medium-sized spaces, ensuring a cozy atmosphere for relaxation, work, or sleep. Room heaters come in various types, such as fan heaters, halogen heaters, and ceramic heaters, each catering to specific heating needs. Their compact and portable designs make them convenient for use in bedrooms, offices, or any area where additional warmth is required, offering a practical and energy-efficient way to combat the chill.

In this extensive review, we will delve into the features, specifications, and user benefits of various heaters, helping you make an informed decision based on your heating needs and preferences.

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater:


The Orpat OEH-1220 is a powerful 2000-Watt fan heater designed for spot heating in small to medium-sized rooms, covering an area of up to 250 sq ft. Its versatility lies in the two heat settings – 1000 watts and 2000 watts, providing users with the flexibility to customize the warmth according to their preferences. The fan heater is equipped with a 100% pure copper wire motor for extended life and various safety features, including thermal cut-off and overheat protection. The combination of a plastic and metal body, along with a safety mesh grill and cool-touch body, enhances user safety.

Features Description
1. Two Heat Settings Offers flexibility with 1000 watts and 2000 watts heat settings, allowing users to customize warmth as needed.
2. Safety Features Incorporates safety measures such as thermal cut-off and overheat protection, ensuring a secure heating experience.
3. 100% Pure Copper Motor Equipped with a durable 100% pure copper wire motor for long life and reliable performance.


The Bajaj RHX-2 Halogen Heater operates at a rated voltage of 230V, delivering efficient and effective heating performance. What sets it apart is the incorporation of Bajaj’s DuraElement, ensuring durability and a robust design. Safety is a key focus, with a tip-over switch designed to respond to any tilting, providing a secure environment for users. Bajaj stands behind the product with a 2-year warranty, including an exclusive 1-year warranty for the heating element.

Features Description
1. DuraElement Technology Fortified with DuraElement, showcasing enduring strength and a robust design for long-lasting performance.
2. Safety Tip-Over Switch Features a safety tip-over switch, responding to any tilting to ensure a secure environment for users.
3. 2-Year Warranty Bajaj provides a 2-year warranty, with an exclusive 1-year warranty for the heating element.

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3. Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater:


Features Description
1. Instant Warmth Delivers instant warmth with 2000 Watts PTC technology, ensuring quick and efficient heating.
2. Adjustable Thermostat Customized heating with an adjustable thermostat and power selector knob for personalized comfort.
3. Indicator Light Convenient indicator light for ease of operation, allowing users to monitor the heater’s status.


4. Crompton Insta Comfort Heater:

The Crompton Insta Comfort Heater offers two heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, overheat protection, and thermal cut-off for enhanced safety. The heater’s flexibility extends to both vertical and horizontal mounting options, accommodating various room configurations and user preferences.

Features Description
1. Two Heat Settings Offers flexibility with two heat settings for personalized comfort, adapting to varying temperature needs.
2. Adjustable Thermostat Allows users to set the desired temperature with an adjustable thermostat for precise control.
3. Safety Measures Incorporates safety features such as overheat protection and thermal cut-off for added user protection.

5. COMFYHOME 70Cm 2000/1000 Watts Room Heater:


The COMFYHOME room heater boasts versatility with 2000W and 1000W power settings, operating at 230V. Its standout feature is the rapid warmth provided in just 2 seconds, thanks to powerful built-in fans circulating warm air. The heater is not only effective but also energy-efficient, with a 50% energy savings compared to typical 2000W heaters. Additional features include a 12-hour timer, low noise operation, and advanced safety features such as automatic overheat shutdown and a cool-touch body.



1. Dual Heating Settings Provides versatility with 2000W and 1000W power settings, offering rapid warmth with powerful built-in fans.
2. Energy Efficiency 50% more energy-efficient than typical 2000W heaters, optimizing energy consumption and maximizing efficiency.
3. 12-Hour Timer Includes a 12-hour timer for customized heating durations, enhancing energy savings and user convenience.


6. Goodscity Room Heater for Home:


Features Description
1. 2-in-1 Functionality Versatile 2-in-1 ceramic heater with two heat levels (1500W and 750W) and a cool air fan for year-round use.
2. 70° Wide-Angle Oscillation Wide-reaching heat coverage with a 70° oscillation angle, ensuring warmth in all corners of the living space.
3. Safety Features Smart tip-over switch and advanced overheat protection for automatic shutdown, prioritizing user safety.



The Crompton Insta Cozy room heater stands out with its power-saving technology, utilizing extra-long halogen tubes for high heating efficiency. The wide oscillation angle ensures uniform heating in all corners of the room. With three heat settings (400W, 800W, and 1200W), tilt protection, and a stainless steel reflector, Crompton delivers a heater that combines efficiency and safety. The product is backed by a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

Features Description
1. Extra Long Halogen Tubes Utilizes extra-long halogen tubes for high heating efficiency, ensuring quick and efficient warmth distribution.
2. Wide Oscillation Angle Wide oscillation angle provides uniform heating to all corners of the room, enhancing overall heating effectiveness.
3. 3-Heat Settings Offers three heat settings (400W, 800W, and 1200W) for flexible temperature control according to user preferences.
Features Description
1. Tilt Over Protection Switch Equipped with a tilt-over protection switch for automatic shutdown in case of accidental tilting.
2. Easy to Carry Designed for portability, making it easy to carry and position the heater in different spaces.
3. ISI Approved ISI approval ensures adherence to safety standards, providing users with a reliable and safe heater.

9. Crompton Insta Comfy 800 Watt Room Heater:


Features Description
1. Advanced Quartz Tubes Utilizes advanced quartz tubes for quick heating, ensuring users experience warmth in a short period.
2. Sleek and Elegant Design Fused with an elegant and sleek design, complementing various decors while providing efficient heating.
3. Rust-Free Stainless Steel Reflector Features a rust-free stainless steel reflector for durability and enhanced heating performance.



Features Description
1. Cool Touch Body Ensures user safety with a cool-touch body, allowing for safe operation even during prolonged use.
2. Two Heat Settings Provides two heat settings (1W and 2W) for customizable warmth, adapting to different temperature preferences.
3. One-Year Warranty Backed by a one-year warranty, offering assurance and support for the durability and reliability of the heater.



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