5 Best Air Purifiers: Philips, Sharp to Honeywell, get up to 40% off now

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5 Best Air Purifiers: Our homes may look clean, but there are tiny things in the air that we can’t see, like dust, pet fur, pollen, smoke, and chemicals from the stuff we use every day. Breathing in this stuff can make us sick, giving us allergies or making it hard to breathe. This is where the importance of home air purifiers becomes evident. Having clean air at home is super important, especially now. But with so many choices, it’s tough to consider which air purifier is the right one for you. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get fresh air in your home. We’ve picked out these 5 air purifiers, from Philips, Sharp to Honeywell, that won’t cost you too much but will still make your indoor air much better.

List of Best Selling Products

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Product Ratings Price
PHILIPS Air Purifier 800 Series, Purifies Rooms up to 698 sq ft (in 1h), 93 CMF Clean Air Rate (CADR), HEPA Filter, AHAM and Energy Star Certified, 99.99% allergen removal, AC0820/40, White 4.4/5 ₹ 32,999
SHARP Air Purifier for Home FP-J52M-W | Wi-Fi Connectivity, Remote Operation Capability, PM 2.5 Display | Real Time Indicator for Air Quality, Temperature, Humidity, Filter Life and Change Indicator 4.1/5 ₹ 19,890
MI Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite, High Efficiency Filter, Removes 99.97% Airpollutants, Bacteria & Viruses & Odor, Large Coverage Area Up To 462 Sq. Ft, App, Wi-Fi & Voice Control-Alexa/Ga 4.3/5 ₹ 9,999
SHARP Professional Air Purifier for Home I Multi-Stage Purification with HEPA+Carbon+Pre-filter & Plasmacluster (Remove Mold, Bacteria, Virus, VOCs) | Traps 99.97% Impurities I Cover: 680 ft² (White) 3.8/5 ₹ 17,499
Honeywell Air Purifier for Home, 4 Stage Filtration, Covers 388 sq.ft, High Efficiency Pre-Filter, H13 HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Removes 99.99% Pollutants & Micro Allergens – Air touch V2 4/5 ₹ 7,999

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1. Philips Air Purifier 800 Series


The first on the list of 5 best air purifiers is the Philips Air Purifier 800 Series. It is a top choice in the market, known for its excellence. It sets itself apart with an extra protective layer and remarkable air purification capabilities. With a cleansing rate of 93 CFM for smoke and 118 CFM for pollen, it filters out 99.5 percent of airborne pollutants as small as 0.003 microns. Recognized by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), it effectively eliminates pollen allergens, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. In the Indian market, it covers expansive spaces up to 698 square feet, perfect for large rooms. The air turnover is swift, completing the process in about one hour. Combining cutting-edge technology with broad coverage, the Philips Air Purifier 800 Series stands out as an efficient and expansive choice for air purification.

Noise Level 19 dB
Wattage 20 watts
Specification Met CARB Certified
Batteries required No

2. SHARP Air Purifier for Home FP-J52M-W


The next on the list of the 5 best air purifiers is the SHARP Air Purifier for Home FP-J52M-W which offers advanced features for efficient air purification. You can control it from anywhere using your mobile phone through Wi-Fi Connectivity and Remote Operation Capability. The color-changing interface shows air quality, turning ‘red’ for polluted air and ‘blue’ for clean air. In Auto Mode, it adjusts fan speed based on PM 2.5 levels, temperature, humidity, dust, odor, and light. Using Dual Purification with Plasmacluster Ions and various filters, it ensures comprehensive air cleaning.

The mobile app lets you monitor filter life, displaying HEPA and Active Carbon filter status. Innovative features like Clean Ion Shower Mode collect dust, reduce static electricity, and Clean Sign Indicator visually displays air quality. Sleep Mode ensures quiet operation, adjusting fan speed based on impurity levels and room brightness, with indicator lights turning off.

Additional functionalities include an Off Timer and Brightness Control for customizable usage. Overall, this air purifier enhances convenience and effectiveness for homes and offices, contributing to a healthier environment.

Noise Level ‎51 dB
Wattage ‎39 Watts
Specification Met ‎HEPA
Controller Type ‎iOS, Android, Touch Control

3. MI Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4


The MI Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 is a powerful solution for clean air in your home. Its true 3-layer HEPA filter removes 99.99 percent of air pollutants, including ultra-fine PM 0.1 particles. With a coverage area of 516 square feet, it’s perfect for spacious rooms. The color-coded light strip provides real-time PM2.5 data, temperature, humidity, Wi-Fi status, and operating mode information, ensuring optimal purification levels.

This energy-efficient purifier consumes only 0.8 kWh for a full day of purification, equivalent to operating two electric bulbs. With an impressive CADR of 400 m³/hour, it purifies a standard room in just 7 minutes. App, Wi-Fi, and voice control compatibility add to its tech-savvy appeal.

Certified for allergy care, it stands out as the only air purifier in India with this recognition. Equipped with an Ionizer and Laser Sensor, it features a True HEPA Filter that traps 99.99 percent of viruses and particulate matter as small as 0.1 microns. Despite its substantial size, it’s a guardian against microscopic threats, ensuring a healthier home environment.

Noise Level ‎32.1 dB
Wattage ‎33 Watts
Specification Met ‎RoHS Certified
Controller Type Remote Control, Google Assistant, Button Control, Amazon Alexa, Android


4. Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home


The Coway Professional Air Purifier with AirMega 150 is a top choice for long-lasting and efficient air purification. The exceptional filter life of up to 8500 hours ensures continuous purification, reducing maintenance hassles. Its advanced filtration system targets a wide range of pollutants, promoting a healthier indoor environment. Backed by a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty, Coway guarantees the durability and performance of the AirMega 150.

Operating silently, it cleans the air effectively while providing a peaceful environment. The sleek design complements home decor, and its compact size allows versatile placement. With intuitive controls and easy-to-understand indicators, the AirMega 150 is effortless to operate. Monitor air quality, adjust settings, and enjoy different fan speeds with convenience and ease. This air purifier combines reliability, durability, and functionality for a comfortable and clean indoor space.

Noise Level ‎22 dB
Wattage ‎35 Watts
Weight 5 kg 500 g
Controller Type Button Control

5. Honeywell Air Touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier


The last on this list of the 5 best air purifiers is the Honeywell Air Touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier, which is an advanced and effective solution for clean indoor air. Its 3-stage filtration process, including a Pre-Filter, High-Grade H13 HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter, removes 99.99 percent of micro allergens and pollutants. With a rapid CADR of up to 250m3/h and a coverage area of 388 sq.ft, it ensures clean and healthy indoor air in medium to large rooms. The real-time PM2.5 level indicator, silent operation, and filter reset indicator enhance user experience. Designed for larger spaces, it efficiently purifies areas up to 388 square feet, eliminating odors, VOCs, and harmful gasses for fresh and odor-free air. The advanced filtration system creates a healthier indoor environment, making it an excellent choice for your family.

Noise Level ‎32.5 dB
Wattage ‎47 Watts
Specification Met ‎HEPA
Controller Type Button Control


Top 3 features for you
Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Philips Air Purifier 800 Series 93 CFM Cleansing rate 698 square feet CARB Certified
SHARP Air Purifier for Home FP-J52M-W Wi-Fi Connectivity and Remote Operation Capability Sleep Mode Colour-changing interface
MI Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 3-layer HEPA filter Wi-Fi, Voice control compatibility Ionizer and Laser Sensor
Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home 7-Year manufacturer’s warranty Operates silently Easy-to-understand indicators
Honeywell Air Touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier High-Grade H13 HEPA Filter Real-time PM2.5 level indicator Button Control

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